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Education and Training for Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic Trading in crypto to maximize your profits

Smartgrow-Trading is a community project with the aim of developing the best and most successful trading strategies and sharing them with the community.

About Us

Make trading accessible to everyone
Smartgrow-Trading consists of a dedicated team of traders who are committed to the world of algorithmic trading. We have set ourselves the goal of setting up systems that anyone can easily adapt and use. Nevertheless, we encourage the development of knowledge and would like to train every interested person to become a successful algotrader.

Easy and Adaptive Systems

We offer plug & play solutions for you, which you can adapt to your trading style and experience at any time. You are in full control at all times.

Learn and Understand

Understanding and experience is the key to sustainable success. Don’t blindly trust immature systems

Proven Profitable

All strategies, signals and templates are thoroughly backtested and constantly updated to the current market conditions.

Your advantages as a trained dealer

Anyone who blindly uses a system will sooner or later lose their money. We support you to act successfully in the long term.

Constant success

Once you've managed to beat the market for months, you've learned one of the most valuable skills that will keep you profitable.

Get ahead

Our trading clients learn how professional algo trading gives them an unfair advantage over the crowd and how they are superior to them. Asset management companies and banks act in the same way.


As a successful trader, your income is unlimited. You make constant profits, not just for a week, but 12 months a year - safely and sustainably.

Personalized and Helpful Support

Regardless of whether you have questions about Cryptohopper itself or our products, we are happy to help you answer all of your questions. You are investing real money on every trade and should therefore receive adequate support.

How It Works

Take the first step and set up your first trading robot. Once set up, observe and review its behavior and learn about it.

Setup Account

Register on the Cryptohopper platform and subscribe. Use the following link for an exclusive strategy: Click here

Train AI

Acquire our basic strategies and train your robot with the built-in AI. Here you will find the step by step instructions: Click here

Trade and Learn

Gain experience and exchange ideas with like-minded people and experts in our community. Join our Discord channel: Click here

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