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Setting up an AI

Here you find an Overview how to set up an AI on Cryptohopper. With an AI it is possible to combine multiple strategies. With it you can improve your trading in cryptohopper because you can receive signals from rare event focussing strategies. The rarer the signals of an strategy is, the higher is the chance of a successful trade. Also the AI is looking in which trend an strategy works best and rates an strategy based on backtested performance.

If you have problems or additional questions concerning this guide visit our discord server for further help.

1 Requirements

To use an AI within Cryptohopper you need an “Hero Subscription”.

If you don’t have one yet, you should subscribe to one via the hopper overview. You could also consider creating a new account using our Ref Link. You will automatically become a Premium Member and receive exclusive benefits on this page and in the support provided by our partners.

Cryptohopper ref. link: To Cryptohopper

2 Buy Strategies for the AI

As already mentioned above, with an AI it is possible to combine various strategies with one another. For this, you only have to insert your own strategies or strategies acquired in the marketplace into the AI.

Purchase and download the following strategies:

Basic AI Strategien (Getting Started)

  1. Basic 01 – AI Series – Daily Win
  2. Basic 02 – AI Series – AI Trend
  3. Basic 03 – AI Series – Sold Out Momentum
  4. Basic 04 – AI Series – Trend Confirmation
Elite AI Strategien (Strong but rare Signals)
  1. Elite 01 – AI Series – Bullish Momentum
  2. Elite 02 – AI Series – Support Momentum
  3. Elite 03 – AI Series – Overbought Oszillator
Premium AI Strategien (Strong Signals)
  1. Premium 01 – AI Series – Time Powered Bull
  2. Premium 02 – AI Series – Power Bull

3 Create new AI

After you brought your desiered strategies, its now time to set up your new AI.
  1. Go into Dashboard > Strategies > Algorithm Intelligence > Button “New AI”

4 Set AI Config

After your AI is created you need to assign a name to it and to adjust the AI config. With the settings in the AI Config the behavier of your AI is set up.

We would recommend using our settings for this:

5 Add Trend Strategy

In the next step you need to add our AI Trend Strategy to your AI by following these steps:
  1. Click on Tab “Sources”
  2. Click the Button “Select” under the trend strategies field
  3. Search our “Basic 02 – AI Series – AI Trend” Strategy
  4. Tick the box and click add selected

6 Add Signal Strategy

In the next step you need to add our AI Signal Strategies to your AI by following these steps:
  1. Click on Tab “Sources”
  2. Click the Button “Select” under the Signal strategies field
  3. Search your bought strategies
  4. Tick on all desiered strategies and click “Add selected”
  5. Save the AI
Afterwards your AI should look like the following.

7 Train the AI

Last step is to train your AI to your needs. This step is important, so that your AI is able to weighten the signals based on backtesting performance. To train your AI follow these steps:
  1. Click on Tab “Training”
  2. Select a coin Pair to Train
  3. Click the Button “Learn” to start training
  4. Train up as many coin pairs as you want but at least 50
Only train those coin pairs, that fits our base config settings. So use “USDT” in your Pairs like “NEO – USDT”. Also consider that our strategy is performing better with lower cap coins. If you should train the AI ​​with the top 50 coins, you will get fuzzy results. Better use only coins from the top 50 according to market capitalization. You can use as a reference for this.

Hint: In the “Results” tab you can see the best performing coins. You can use this information to set up your own coin preferences in the base config. The AI should be retrained every 6 months.

8 Add the strategy

The last step is to sign up the strategy in the settings.
  1. Go into Dashboard > Config > Baseconfig > “Strategy”
  2. Choose the newly created AI
  3. Set up the following settings
    1. Number of targets to buy: 10
    2. Use corrected score for buys: Yes
    3. Minimum Score for buys: 85
    4. Use corrected score for sells: Yes
    5. Minimum scores for sells: 10
  4. Click “Save” at the top
When you are done, I recommend you to go through the settings again and see if there are any deviations from any of the previous steps in this guide.
If everything looks good, you are ready to activate your hopper in the dashboard. Please do not forget that the installed system should not be operated blindly if you want to achieve maximum profits from it. Therefore, you can find out more information and strategies on the other tutorial pages.

 The entire Smartgrow-Trading team wishes you maximum success and would be delighted to welcome you to the community.